Carey Mulligan to star in ‘On The Other Side’

Actress Carey Mulligan has been cast in ‘On The Other Side’, a film based on the real life experiences of war correspondent Kate Webb.

The 32-year-old actress will play a war correspondent in the upcoming movie, which will be overseen by First Look Media, and will also assist in producing the film. And the British beauty is honoured she has been selected to appear in the movie and work with a “talented team of producers”.

“I’m so excited to bring Kate Webb’s remarkable story to the screen. Her integrity, curiosity about the unknown and tenacity set her apart from many other journalists of her time and ultimately saved her life,” Mulligan said.
“In a world of increasing division, I can’t think of a more relevant character to portray today. Someone who’s very survival depended on her desire to understand the other side of the story, to obtain the truth and to report it faithfully. It is an honour to embark on this project with such a talented team of producers.”
The plot will follow the true life story of journalist Kate Webb, which has been detailed in her own text ‘On the Other Side: 23 Days with the Vietcong’, who reported on the Vietnam war, was caught, held captive for 23 days, but eventually survived the “most harrowing experiences”.