Carey Mulligan slams award shows for snubbing female directors

Actor Carey Mulligan has criticised award shows for not giving female directors equal space in nominations as their male colleagues. The actor also called out the ‘Star Wars’ franchise’s lack of female directors.

“If Dee Rees was a white man she’d be directing the next ‘Star Wars,’ she’d be nominated for an Oscar without question,” Mulligan told to media at the Sundance Film Festival.
Rees, who directed the critically-acclaimed ‘Mudbound,’ was snubbed from this year’s Golden Globes race for Best Director along with ‘Lady Bird’s’ Greta Gerwig and ‘Wonder Woman’s’ Patty Jenkins.
“There’s something not right, and we ‘re working on it. I think Greta and Patty Jenkins have been overlooked for too long. If it doesn’t happen I fell like it will send out a big signal and I think that people will react to that,” she added.