Carey Mulligan Biography

Carey Mulligan is one of the notable English actresses who have made a huge impact in the movie industry. Carey was born on 28 May 1985 and she lived her early life in West Minister with her parents. Her father was of Irish is of Irish origins and her mother is from Wales. Carey Mulligan movies are simply awesome and she has inspired many young women to confidently pursue a career in the movie industry knowing that all they need to make it is to give their best.

She has always been actively involved in theatre from a very young age. She was the lead coordinator of the theater department in her school. Her accolades include successfully coordinating theater presentations that encouraged the younger students to pursue a career in drama and arts. She revealed how her passion for acting was ignited. She watched her elder brother perform in a school production, she was thrilled at the presentation and that is she first decided she wanted to act. Carey’s determination to become an actress faced many challenges, her application to the London Drama School was not granted. She later met with Julian Fellowes, who initially did not feel her vision to become an actress but was later convinced as she persisted. She was invited to an event held to inspire young and upcoming actors and actresses. She attended this gathering and in no time she found herself auditioning for a role in the Pride and Prejudice film. After a successful casting, she was well on her way to become a popular actress.

Carrie Mulligan has been featured in many movies, she has played the lead role in movies that have gone ahead to make waves. She made her acting debut in 2004 in the stage play – Forty Winks, her movie debut was the film – Pride and Prejudice in 2005. While working on the film Wall Street 2: Money Never Sleeps (2010), the Academy Award nominated actress began dating one of her co-stars – Shia LaBoeuf. She has also featured in Drive (2011) and the amazing film – The Great Gatsby in May 2013. She played the role of Daisy Buchanan along with Leonardo DiCaprio in The Great Gatsby; acting with such a wonderful actor like Leonardo was one of the best moments in her career. Other Carey Mulligan movies worthy of note include Inside Llewyn Davis, The Spoils of Babylon, and ofcourse Suffragette.

Her acting career did not take off smoothly as her parents kicked against the idea of her acting in the movies or on stage. She eventually got a chance to prove her talents and she impressed the audience enough to win numerous nominations and awards.

Her various roles have demanded that she looks differently to fit into the role. She like to carry her beautiful blond hair straight most times, but Kerry has shown up with different shades of hair color for awards. It can be assumed she makes her hair style decisions to match the kind of dress she will wear for the occasion. The cameras have always enjoyed capturing her sweet face and beautiful blonde hair whenever she steps out on to the red carpet.

Carrey Mulligans real life love story is like one from the movies she has acted in. She is married to the British singer Marcus Mumford who happens to be the lead act for the Mumford and sons band. They were childhood friends who lost contact due to schooling and relocation. They met again after some years and the fires were reignited. Carey married the love of her life after what can be described as a fairytale romance on the 21 April, 2012. She became pregnant in January 2015 and Carey Mulligan and Marcus Mumford now have a daughter – Evelyn, who was born in the month of September, 2015.

When asked about the saddest moments in in her career, she never fails to mention the time when she had to undergo an operation that kept her on the sick bed for about a week this disrupted an important production which she was a huge part of. It was a sad time for her and as soon as she got back on her feet, she gave her all in every role given to her.

Carrey has been in the public for many positive reasons; she has acted in the capacity of the ambassador for the Alzheimer community for some time. She has successfully played the part of an ambassador very well by creating more awareness about the medical condition and helping those who are suffering from it. Her decision to become the representative of the Alzheimer’s community is because of her grandmother who suffers from the ailment. Sadly she has a firsthand experience with a sufferer and she can directly relate with those other elderly citizens who need the care and support that will be provided when the right amount of awareness is created about Alzheimer’s and Dementia.

Cary Mulligan has also played an active role in the fight against sex slavery and trafficking of unsuspecting innocent women to be used as sex slaves. She was part of a group of actresses who created awareness against these horrible illegal activities against women. The project against sex slavery was themed “The Safe Project”. She has also done many commendable acts of philanthropy by giving out the awesome dresses she wore to awards and red carpet events to be sold and the proceeds used to help the poor and the needy.

Carey has also lent her voice in a stand against children being used as soldiers in parts of Africa like the Democratic republic of Congo. She was appointed ambassador of the campaign against this form of child abuse themed “The War Child” in 2014. Her role as an ambassador required a personal visit to the war torn Democratic Republic of Congo in 2014 where she met with the actual victims of this horrible acts of violence against young children. The awareness created about this horrible acts of abuse drew the attention of the world governing bodies and we know that the men who were responsible for crimes against children were made to face criminal charges in the international court of law.